Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Review – One Nation Without Law: The Rise of Lawlessness, the End Times and the Power of Hope by Phil Hotsenpiller

So much written about prophecy tends to be narrowly focused and speculative. However, Phil Hotsenpiller has made a helpful contribution to understanding the source and working of evil in the passage of time toward the return of Christ. He shows how lawlessness, as the bible predicts, increases as we reach the end times, giving specific examples from history.  At the same time, the author encourages us to endure to the end, as the victory over lawlessness is assured.

While I do not agree with all the correlations between historical events and the bible, I was convinced that I need to reconsider the special place that the nation of Israel has in God’s heart and the future ingathering of the Jews. A worthwhile read.

I was given this book by Chosen in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Book Review - Treasures in Dark Places by Leanna Cinquanta

It is true what many reviewers have said; this book is hard to put down. Part of the attraction for me, is that I am in the process of reviewing my thoughts on whether the healing, visions and dreams that existed in the early church, continue today as means God uses to guide and use in building believers up in the faith. For that reason I very much enjoyed her well written account in chapter 2 of her reoccurring dreams and the role that played in her decision to follow Christ, go to Bible school and go to India.

The book has no stated purpose, but can easily be read as an autobiography. As such, I found it an intriguing read, full of adventure, lovely descriptions of the many places she lived and the homeschooling environment she grew up in. I think Leanna Cinquanta is a very gifted writer and story teller.

This book was a joy to read, informative about the great work being done in India and caused me to stop and pray for those in extreme poverty and subject to human trafficking.

I was given this book by Chosen in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Book review – Bible Studies on Mark by William Boekestein

Bible Studies on Mark is a handy reference book for a teacher leading a small group through Mark’s Gospel. This short guide is written from a Reformed Theological perspective and draws on such authors, pastors and scholars as Dan Doriani, John Calvin, Louis Berkof, Kent Hughs and from the historic Reformed confessions and catechisms.

Each chapter ends with eight questions; a good mix of observation, interpretation and application. The book is sufficient for a short, moderately placed look at the book of Mark.  If you are looking for a deeper study that models for the student how bible study is done, I would recommend Sinclair Ferguson’s Let’s Study Mark.

I was given this book by Reformed Fellowship, Inc in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review - Finding Forgiveness: Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel by Stanley D. Gale

Answers to most questions you have about asking for or receiving forgiveness can be found in this well illustrated and biblically faithful explanation of forgiveness. New believers will find some well roasted meat to chew on.  Mature Christians will discover new richness to the theology found in the old hymns and catechisms as author Stanley Gale sometimes summarizes his exposition of scripture with one or more of these.

The inclusion of questions at the end of each chapter makes this book suitable for a small group study.

This book is an expanded version of his pamphlet “Why Must We Forgive”. Stanley Gale has added a really helpful chapter on “What About Forgiving Ourselves?” The writing is clear, concise and his explanations are well developed, making very helpful distinctions in the nuances of words often used carelessly in conversation.  The inclusion of many personal stories makes this an enjoyable read that communicates well the essential theological understanding of forgiveness and the implications for putting it into practice.

I found Gale’s answer to the question “Why does John say that God is ‘faithful and just’ to forgive us when we confess rather than ‘faithful and merciful’ most enlightening. In this, as in the rest of the book, there are clear connections to the finished work of Jesus Christ as what we trust in. He calls this “Kingdom Currency”. Gale says “Mercy does not give us the consequence deserved. ‘Just,’ however, necessarily captures the transaction involved in forgiveness, how that forgiveness was achieved.”

The second most helpful discussion for me was the discussion around the inadequacy of “apology” to achieve authentic forgiveness.  An apology may recognize a wrong, but it does not necessarily bring about a plan of action to address a wrong. In contrast, saying “will you forgive me” engages the other person and brings about the beginning stages of reconciliation.

Are you having difficulty with forgiveness?  This book is a timely, helpful, uplifting and encouraging read.

I received this book from Reformation Heritage Books in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Review - Christ All Sufficient: An Exposition of Colossians by Brian G. Hedges

This book has the best characteristics of Puritan writing while possessing the clarity and simplicity with depth that Brian Hedges brings to this exposition of Colossians. Following the practice of some of my favorite Puritan authors Brian Hedges opens the book with an outline of his exposition. The main body of the book then expands on each point in the outline, bringing in differing historical interpretations and the thoughts of more contemporary theologians and writers. Every chapter wraps up with a concise summary and possible applications.

This commentary would be a very helpful addition to the library of any preacher, bible teacher or diligent student of the bible.

I received this book from Shepherd Press in exchange for an honest review.