Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review – Graciousness: Tempering Truth With Love by John Crotts

Real Practical Help and Motivation for Developing Graciousness

A self-righteous, angry person who is argumentative and lacking graciousness in dealing with others needs this book, but probably won’t be willing read it. Such a person would not think the book relevant. But rip the book in half and hand him chapters 6-10 and the book might just serve him as Nathan the prophet did David when Nathan said: “You are the man!”  These last chapters get practical and specific about what graciousness looks like and what behaviors need to change to make one gracious.

I found chapters 1-5 hard to wade through, as I am already convinced that graciousness is required of us. But I absolutely loved the clear, practical, detailed instructions given in chapters 6-10.

This book will well equip you to counsel or confront an ungracious person with tools that will really help. It will encourage you that change is not only required but possible.

I was given a review copy by Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair review.

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